Facilities and services for d/Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing customers

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Assistive Listening Systems and facilities to assist Hard of Hearing (HoH) customers

Induction loops

There are induction loop system available for use in the Villa Marina’s Royal Hall, the Gaiety Theatre and the Broadway Cinema. Additionally, the cinema has six multi-purpose headsets which are available for most of our main feature films. We also have a portable induction loop available for use at the Box Office at the Gaiety Theatre. Please note that depending on the type of hearing aid, the user may need to switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position to use these systems.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of live music shows and their ensuing technical requirements, we cannot always guarantee that the induction loops in the Royal Hall or Gaiety Theatre will be operational for every event. The sound systems required for live music shows can sometimes mean that the induction loops are required to be deactivated. If the induction loop system in either venue is deactivated, VillaGaiety are pleased to now offer alternative options in the form of ListenTALK devices.

Assistive Listening System: ListenTalk

In addition to our induction loop systems, VillaGaiety is pleased to be able to expand on the facilities we offer for HOH customers. We now offer ListenTALK systems for HOH customers in the Royal Hall, the Promenade Suite and the Gaiety Theatre. To find out more about ListenTALK visit: listentech.com/listentalk

ListenTALK devices will be available for shows in our venues. Even if our venue’s induction loop is operational and working with hearing aids, customers are both welcome and encouraged to request ListenTALK devices to help enhance their experience. Customers who wish to make use of one of ListenTALK should request devices at the Villa Marina box office. Box office staff will be required to take customers' contact details when issuing the device. A user guide can also be issued to help you operate your device, Customers are welcome to use their own ear or headphones if they prefer to do so. The devices will accept any domestic stereo headphones with 3.5mm jack plug.

Captioned Performances

VillaGaiety endeavours to work with hirers of the Gaiety Theatre who are staging a run of shows to accommodate a captioned performance as part of their show run for those customers that are hard of hearing. Similar to television subtitles, captioned performances involve the actors’ words appearing on an LED caption unit (or units), which are placed next to the stage or as part of the show’s set. These words appear on the unit simultaneous to them being are spoken or sung.

Unlike opera subtitles, captions give additional information that is helpful to deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, such as indicating speaker names, sound effects, and offstage noises. A qualified captioner prepares the captions in advance so that they mirror the rhythm and flow of the actors’ delivery, then cues them ‘live’ as the action unfolds on stage Timing of the captions is crucial so as not to pre-empt the actors, especially if the text involves a key punchline or joke. It is vital that the captions do not lag behind the actors because the ability of many people to hear the actors is lost.

Captioning helps us to engage with and develop new audiences, bringing former audiences back to the theatre, and providing a more enjoyable experience for current audience members, whether they have a hearing impairment or not.

Captioning is available on selected shows, please ask a member of our box office staff when enquiring or making a booking so that they can advise you where best to enable you to benefit from this service.

Subtitled screenings

Subtitled film screenings are available on selected screenings at the Broadway Cinema, enabling people who are hard of hearing to enjoy films and events more regularly.

Signed performances

For some shows, we offer a signed performance featuring a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter who interprets the shows for deaf audiences.


Details of captioned, signed and/or subtitled performances and screenings across the complex are listed on this page. You can also contact the box office on 01624 600555 or email villagaiety@gov.im for more information.

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