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If you wish to contact a member of our team please call 01624 600555, or email us here and your message will be re-directed to the relevant team member. 

Head of Culture and Arts

Sarah Wilson-White

Events and Programming

Events and Programming Development Manager – Sean Kenny

Events Supervisor – Holly Donnan

Marketing Manager – Lacey Cullen

Finance and Development

Finance and Administration Manager – Kathryn Emery

Finance and Administration Officer – Debby Foster and Cathy Murphy

Technical Team

Technical Manager – Séamus Shea

Stage Manager – Ted Faragher 

Lighting Technician – Alex Davidson 

Sound Technician - Anthony Palfreman

Assistant Technician – Carl Crellin

Assistant Stage Manager – Chloe Thompson​

Box Office and Reception

Box Office Manager – Lewis Poultney

Reception Supervisor – Elaine Rowley

Box Office Assistant – Pauline Moran

Cinema Projectionist Supervisor - Kris Elstrop

Cinema Projectionist - Charlotte Howarth 

Front of House

Front of House Manager – Matt Child

Front of House Supervisor – Tom Baggaley

Bars Manager – Ross Barnes

Bars Supervisor – Chris O’Shaughnessy

Bars and Front of House Assistant - Kim Duggan​

General Services Team Supervisor - Dean Corlett 

General Services Team - Keith Rowley, Karl Collins and Ralph Martin

Cleaning & Housekeeping Supervisor – Lee Bass

Cleaning Team – Jenneth Romero, Mauricio Buli-e, John Gamil and Rey Tanudtanud

Along with our team of dedicated staff, we are also supported by a valued team of front of house volunteers, including the Friends of the Gaiety. More information about the work they do can be found here 

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