Accessibility at the Gaiety Theatre

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Accessible and gender-neutral toilet facilities

There are two gender-neutral accessible toilets available for use by wheelchair users and/ or customers attending the Gaiety Theatre in the adjoining Villa Arcade. All accessible toilets have level entry and are equipped with extra handrails and an emergency cord. They can be accessed via a pass door from the rear of the stalls.

Assistance/ Guide dogs

Customers who are visually impaired or have low vision are welcome to bring assistance/ guide dogs to our venues, however, we do recommend that they are not brought to any particularly loud events. We would ask that customers who require an assistance dog to accompany them to an event contact our box office in advance of making a booking for advice and to notify us of any specific requirements.

Assistance dogs are only allowed within certain seated areas with due consideration for the welfare of the dogs, and other customers and to enable us to maintain safe venue evacuation routes, should they be required.

Please ensure that your dog is either identifiable as a trained assistance/guide dog or that you can provide the necessary training paperwork for them.

Assistive Listening Systems and facilities to assist Hard of Hearing (HoH) customers

Induction loops

There is an induction loop system available for use in the Gaiety Theatre. We also have a portable induction loop available for use at the Box Office at the Gaiety Theatre. Please note that depending on the type of hearing aid, the user may need to switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position to use these systems.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of live music shows and their ensuing technical requirements, we cannot always guarantee that the induction loop in the Gaiety Theatre will be operational for every event. The sound systems required for live music shows can sometimes mean that the induction loops are required to be deactivated. If the induction loop system in either venue is deactivated, VillaGaiety are pleased to now offer alternative options in the form of ListenTALK devices.

Assistive Listening System: ListenTalk

In addition to our induction loop systems, VillaGaiety is pleased to be able to expand on the facilities we offer for HOH customers. We now offer ListenTALK systems for HOH customers at selected shows in the Gaiety Theatre. To find out more about ListenTALK visit:

ListenTALK devices are available at selected shows in the Gaiety Theatre. Currently, if the Gaiety Theatre induction loop is operational and working with hearing aids, customers cannot use the ListenTALK devices. If however, the ListenTALK system is active, and customers wish to make use of ListenTALK, they should request a device from the Gaiety Theatre box office. Box office staff will be required to take customers' contact details when issuing the device. A user guide can also be issued to help you operate your device, Customers are welcome to use their own ear or headphones if they prefer to do so. The devices will accept any domestic stereo headphones with 3.5mm jack plug.

We kindly ask all customers to ensure they have returned their device to a member of the duty door or security staff at the end of the event they’re attending so it can be cleaned and prepared for the next user.

Baby changing facilities

The Gaiety Theatre has baby changing facilities in the accessible toilets of the Villa Arcade (please see above under accessible toilet facilities).

Box Office

The Gaiety Box Office in the theatre’s foyer. This box office is open one hour prior to the advertised performance start tie. Unfortunately, there is only level access available to the rear of the stalls. If you require information or assistance from the Gaiety box office when you arrive at the theatre, please ask a duty member of staff for assistance or to ask to speak to the Duty Manager.

Captioned Performances

VillaGaiety endeavours to work with hirers of the Gaiety Theatre who are staging a run of shows to accommodate a captioned performance as part of their show run for those customers that are hard of hearing. Similar to television subtitles, captioned performances involve the actors’ words appearing on an LED caption unit (or units), which are placed next to the stage or as part of the show’s set. These words appear on the unit simultaneous to them being are spoken or sung.

Captioning is available on selected shows, please ask a member of our box office staff when enquiring or making a booking so that they can advise you where best to enable you to benefit from this service.

Details of scheduled captioned performances in the Gaiety Theatre are listed on this page. You can also contact the box office on 01624 600555 or email for more information.

Early entry

Where possible, VillaGaiety with work show promoters to operate an early entry service for any customers with a disability/ mobility issues or additional needs who would like to enter the auditorium just before we open the doors for the main audience.

Please identify yourself at Box Office at least 30 minutes before the show if you wish to enquire about or request early entry and the Duty Manager or delegated duty staff member can arrange this.

Essential Companion Scheme (ECS)

VillaGaiety is pleased to offer and operate an Essential Companion Scheme to enable customers to equally participate, with dignity and respect in VillaGaiety events. We operate the scheme for customers with a disability who require a companion to accompany and assist them in accessing the facilities at our venues whilst attending one of the shows or events. The Essential Companion is expected to attend to the needs of the Scheme Member at all times whilst on the premises.

This scheme enables ECS members the opportunity to obtain one ticket, free of charge, for their Essential Companion when purchasing a standard ticket.

VillaGaiety’s Essential Companion Scheme is free to join. You can learn more about the scheme and/or obtain it by visiting our Essential Companion Scheme page HERE or alternatively you can contact our box office for more information. All tickets are subject to availability at the time of booking.

First Aid, Medical Assistance and Facilities

A number of venue staff are trained to administer basic first aid and will be on duty for events. Please contact a duty member of staff if you require any medical assistance.

Members of St John’s Ambulance (Isle of Man) are present at public performances at the Gaiety Theatre and on hand to administer any required first aid assistance. These volunteers are usually located at the rear of the stalls for the duration of any scheduled performance.

Defibrillator: There is a defibrillator device located in the Gaiety Box Office if required in an emergency. Please ask a member of staff for assistance or a member of the duty St John’s Ambulance volunteers.

Quiet Spaces

We appreciate that a large venue or concert/ show environment can be overwhelming for customers, especially when there are large crowds of people. If any customers or anyone /family member needs any support or time out during a visit to our venues, please ask to speak to a member of the duty staff and they will do their best to assist you and show you to a quiet space.

Relaxed / Chilled Performances

Relaxed / Chilled performances are available on selected shows. As well as any shows that VillaGaiety may be co-producing, VillaGaiety endeavour to work with hirers of the Gaiety Theatre who are staging a run of shows to accommodate a captioned performance as part of their show run Relaxed / Chilled Performances are open to anyone, although they are structured specifically for people with learning disabilities or additional needs. Relaxed / Chilled performances usually involve and offer the following:

  • Lights in the auditorium are kept low so it's not too dark
  • You can make noise during the show
  • You can come and go as you please
  • If you need a break there are chill-out areas in the foyer/bars

If you have any concerns in advance of your visit please contact our box office for more information. To help alleviate any concerns arrangements can be made to show customers around during a quiet time when we can discuss your requirements. If you have any other needs which you would like to discuss have not please let us know so that we can do our very best to give you full and equal access to our services.

Details of scheduled relaxed performances in the Gaiety Theatre are listed on this page. You can also contact the box office on 01624 600555 or email for more information.

Use of Strobe Lighting / Stroboscopic Lighting/ Other Stage Effects and Sound Levels

Strobe lighting, lighting that produces stroboscopic effects, smoke machines, pyrotechnical effects and visual effects other theatrical effects may be used during some of our shows and events. We are aware that sound levels at some of our events may be a cause for concern for some customers. As a venue, we may only have minimal input with regards to sounds levels at live music events.

The vast majority of artists and shows that we host in our venues have their own sound and lighting system which are run by their engineers. We do, however, monitor both sound quality and decibel levels and advise production crews as and when necessary to ensure compliance with legal limits. Earplugs are available on request for customers who may have concerns about the noise level.

If you are concerned or have any queries about these effects, please contact the Box Office in advance of purchasing your tickets and our staff will do their best to advise you if they are being used or endeavour to find out.

Venue parking

There are five parking spaces for disabled (blue) badge holders located near the Gaiety Theatre entrance on Harris Promenade. There are also six car parking spaces for disabled (blue) badge holders in the Villa Marina car park, adjacent to the main Villa Marina Building. These spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis. There is level access to the Gaiety Theatre available via, the Villa Arcade, please follow the blue access signs which will direct customers to the side entrance to the Gaiety.
There is limited parking available on site for VillaGaiety, you can learn more about how to get to our venues and nearby available general car parking HERE.

Venue drop-offs

For customers with mobility issues or wheelchair users who plan to arrive by car or taxi but do not require parking, there is a drop-off point immediately outside at the main entrance/ front doors to the Gaiety Theatre with level access to the stalls available via the Villa Arcade.

Wheelchair/ disabled access

The Gaiety Theatre can facilitate up to a maximum of 8 wheelchairs spaces. These spaces are located in rows R&S at the rear of the stalls. There is level access to the rear of the stalls via the Villa Arcade, please follow the blue access signs which will direct customers to the side entrance to the Gaiety. Due to the design of the theatre and fire safety and evacuation regulations, wheelchair bookings cannot be accommodated in other areas of the auditorium. Please speak with a member of our box office team about your requirements when making a show booking.

Wheelchair loan

The Gaiety Theatre has a wheelchair available to borrow for use whilst at the venue, please ask at the Villa Marina Box Office or a member of duty staff to request use of this. This is subject to availability. We advise that those customers who may request to borrow wheelchairs ensure they have assistance to operate and manoeuvre the chairs.


If you have any questions about accessibility at VillaGaiety, please contact the box office on 01624 600555 or email

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