Gaiety Theatre Memories - Theatre Favourites

Read memories of some of your favourite shows


Wendy Nelson

Les Miserable - David Artus was fantastic and the whole show was truly wonderful! Also Miss Saigon - fabulous and hearing & then seeing the helicopter. The staging effects were mind-blowing! I keep saying - we are so lucky to see the quality shows in the Isle of Man without West End prices! Thank you and keep them coming!!!

Ray Corkhill

Many, many wonderful memories but o/s - Blues Bros Concert, when everyone dressed up and left their seats and crowded the front of the stage; also YFC concerts

Dianne Rubery

I have loved the theatre since the moment I set foot in it in 2004 it is so lovely I have passed the love onto many of my brownie and guide group and over the years we have done numerous theatre visits. The panto at Christmas never fails to entertain and some of the acts I have seen where intermit and so lovely The staff are always welcoming and friendly and they work so hard to keep the theatre looking it’s best.

Emma-Louise Taylor

I have been in many shows at the Gaiety Theatre, my first performance was at the age of 6 with Christine Wild Theatre School. In 2018 I was so excited to be given a lead role playing ‘Red’ in Move It Into The Woods and have my picture outside the Gaiety front doors! It was such a wonderful feeling to step out onto the stage and share with others what I love doing most, acting! In December this year, I am lucky enough to be given another lead role as ‘Phoenix’ in Move It To The Rescue. I am 13 now and the Gaiety has certainly given me a passion for a career on the stage!

Darren Lillie

Phantom of the Opera - David Artus as the Phantom and Emily Coates as Christine, both absolutely fantastic and as good as any West End stars we’ve seen in London. We enjoyed the show so much, we booked for a second performance, but due to the popularity of the show, only the seats in the gallery were available - still as impacting and emotional as our performance from the stalls. In the same week as the show run, we had a Gaiety Theatre tour - wonderful history and behind the scenes visit, complete with the under-stage trap door systems and the workings of the Phantom’s boat. Let’s just say great use of a mobility scooter motor and chassis.

Wendy Christian

My 2sisters and I worked at the gaiety when Bob Wilkinson was manager, we worked in millennium year and my mum made all the usherettes a Manx tartan skirt and waistcoat as our uniform for that year. We also used to take the acts off, we were downstairs where the bar is now, it used to be a sweet kiosk. Many happy memories were had there.

Christina Glaister

Where to begin, I have very fond memories of our beautiful Theatre, my Mum Veronica Curphey worked there when we were children, in summer 1960s as a cleaner and an usherette. My father was employed as a doorman and handyman. I can remember the beautiful chandelier being lowered to replace the bulbs. In the summer holidays, we would collect the yellow and green Felices Ice cream tubs to take them home to light the fire. They were waxed cardboard. As I grew older I would go sometimes in the evening with her, watching a variety show staring Stella Hartley. Then, later on, I watched Tom O Connor when he was starting out. I have also performed on the stage in the first year the YFC held their concert on one evening. I have loved the Gaiety all my life, and hope we can soon start to enjoy performances again. Happy birthday.

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