Gaiety Theatre Memories by Margaret Peacock


I have visited the Gaiety Theatre in the 70's , I recall, visiting with my mother when I was 18 to see Des O'Connor ' One Man and His Show, supported by Colin Keyes on the piano. Des was a favourite singer of my mum at the time and it was a good show by the entertainer..

I remember Des asking where the audience came from and I shouted out Northampton, apparently Des did have connections with this town , I think he may have lived there during his childhood. I have the programme and possibly ticket stubs for other shows which we attended previously. The programme is signed and I remember going to the stage door for autographs - we missed the last horse tram back to our hotel on Queen's Promenade.

Every year at whatever time we visited the Island we always came to the Gaiety Theatre and was welcomed by the same usherette who always recognised us and chatted to us both, a true Manx welcome. I do not remember the lady's name but I can picture her in the Manx Tartan (Laxey) uniform.

We just loved to be in the atmosphere of the Gaiety Theatre with its beautiful architecture and atmosphere, it didn't matter what show we just enjoyed the whole experience of the Gaiety. We always obtained our tickets at the booking office during the daytime and the foyer always advertised future productions with displays . We also saw Molly Sugden and John Inman in a stage play in the summertime at one time.

Des O'Connor Programme

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