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21 Sep 2023 20:00 Gaiety Theatre

Gary Meikle says.....

 I’m calling this show 'Facts', so you’ll hear lots of them and my take on them obviously! But, as usual it’ll be focused around my family life as a single papa and a dad to 2 girls that are in process of rinsing me for every penny I have for the their up coming wedding.

This is Gary's second tour, where his first - entitled '2.5' centered around the following, in his own words; 

I've had several top professionals and industry people tell me over the years that I shouldn't swear so much on stage, that I shouldn't be as crude or as edgy as I am but guess what, they likely don't know that as a kid growing up in the care system I was told that I'd be either dead or in jail by the time I was 30, so I tend not to listen to others and do things my way.

So, this show will be a continued celebration of me being me which in the current climate of cancel culture we find ourselves in could be seen as risky but f*** it.

My targets as always will be my girls and me, as well as life observations on things like, how equality between the sexes has a clear definitive line, all medication side effects, my loathing of stupid questions, how our ancestors were idiots and much much more. I’m going to remain to be playfully dark and as always do what I do best which is to be relatable, honest and give you an insight to what its like to be me, a young single grandad who’s passionate about making his audience laugh and then be available for hugs at the end if anyone needs or wants one.

See you all soon enough 🙂

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