Essential Companion Scheme (ECS) Terms & Conditions

1. The Essential Companion is required to attend to the needs of the (ECS) registered person at all times whilst on the premises. Venue staff will advise and aid the companion, but cannot be expected to furnish assistance with duties for which the Essential Companion is present.

2. The scheme is not open to, or intended, for those who simply require a companion/ friend to assist them with transportation to and from the venue. The scheme is not offered to anyone who can cope independently in a public venue.

3. This Essential Companion Scheme is a Scheme which is available for Hirers to ‘opt-in’ and therefore will only be available for shows where the venue hirers have chosen to do so.

4. The number of allocated seats for each venue/show may vary dependant on; venue layout, Hire or Dept show, Hirer/Promotor’s instruction.

5. Participating Venues are Gaiety Theatre/Villa Marina/Broadway Cinema.

6. Department shows Essential Companion Seat allocation will, where possible, be as follows:
a. Broadway Cinema = 2 Seats per performance
b. Gaiety Theatre = 6 Seats per performance (Stalls)
c. VM Royal Hall = 8 seats per performance (Tiered Stalls)
Please note: ECS seat allocation will be sold on a first come first serve basis and no more seats will be made available once the allocation has sold out.

7. ECS bookings cannot be made online and must be booked in person or through the box office Tel 600555.

8. Only registered applicants will be eligible to purchase a ticket.

9. The registered person/representative must purchase a full priced/concession ticket (whichever is applicable) for themselves and request the Essential Companion ticket at the same time of booking – Under no circumstances will ECS tickets be issued singularly at a later date.

10. Breach of any of these conditions or anything that the Management considers to be unacceptable behaviour which may cause damage, nuisance or injury shall enable the Management to remove the ticket holder from the Venue without refund and withdraw membership from the Essential Companion Scheme.

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